Two Month Gap

So I was reminded that I had a blog today by my good friend RWT, who just launched Unexpected Smiles, with its companion Twitter @providingsmiles. She lovingly mentioned the Minivan Diaries there and prophesized about my world takeover, something I fantasize about while I’m at work — though less frequently than I did before Jimmy entered the world. More often than not, in the office, I am thinking about getting to Jimmy’s school to pick him up at 5:15. Seeing him turn toward the door, light up when he recognizes my face, and start shuffling toward me like a manic hermit crab is truly the highlight of my day.

At home these days I don’t plot world domination because I am too busy trying to pay attention as Jimmy becomes a more mobile, more vocal, and more dynamic part of our bustling family. Jimmy is currently “cruising,” using our furniture and a now-beloved cardboard box to practice walking while holding on. He has this crazy hair that sticks straight up in the air like a feathery mohawk, and he is working on learning through a little painful trial and error how not to pinch his fingers in drawers. He can also stealthily climb into cabinets and the undersides of tables. Getting out of them is a little less graceful. He ate real (well, Velveeta) macaroni and cheese for dinner.

We are having some transitional sleep issues (i.e., I let Jimmy sleep in our bed a few times and now that’s the only way he will roll). We are in a constant state of babyproofing. We are always on the chase. And we are happy. All of us, really. Everyone enjoys pointing out the new things Jimmy can do; everyone enjoys watching him grow. He has truly bonded our family together.

Not only is Jimmy is a perpetual source of unexpected smiles, so are the other kids’ creative ways to play, make him laugh, and understand his language.