Things about Jimmy at one year old

It astonishes me that Jimmy is already one year old. Even if I am a terribly negligent blogger, I felt the need to create a record of Jimmy’s one-year-old world.

Jimmy loves to eat/drink:

  • canned pears
  • canteloupe
  • pasta!
  • orange juice
  • yogurt
  • bananas
  • french fries
  • Mandarin oranges
  • Doritos
  • Cheerios
  • Goldfish
  • Nonna’s pizzelles
  • Poppy’s cream cheese and chive scrambled eggs
  • sips of mama’s water
  • lemons
  • He does not like meat.

Jimmy knows what these words mean:

  • shoes
  • duck
  • dog
  • what’s that?
  • hat
  • dad
  • mama
  • Josh
  • ears
  • no and yes

Jimmy can:

  • wave goodbye
  • crawl and cruise like a maniac
  • stand by himself
  • climb up onto tiny chairs
  • sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” (“rah rah rah”) and rock back and forth
  • answer “How big is Jimmy” — “so big!” with his arms up
  • tell you what a duck says (“wha wha”)
  • point to his siblings when named in person and in photos
  • dance to music
  • crawl up the steps
  • get off the bed feet first
  • hand mama tiny pieces of trash he finds on the floor
  • shake his head no and yes

Jimmy likes to:

  • snuggle stuffed animals to his face
  • give mama kisses
  • play with Kayla
  • practice walking with Cameron
  • play with his racetrack
  • look at books, especially Hush!, What’s Wrong Little Pookie?, and Five Little Pumpkins
  • look at photographs of himself and his family
  • explore machines — like the vacuum, stereo, dishwasher, dryer, air purifier, humidifier, laptops, remote controls
  • talk to Nonna and Poppy on Skype
  • play peek-a-boo
  • take off his shoes and socks in the car
  • chew on shoes
  • talk on his play phones
  • take showers with Dad

Jimmy’s favorite things:

  • trucks
  • hats
  • ducks and birds
  • dinosaurs
  • yellow quilt Nonna made for him
  • fuzzy blanket Dad bought before he was born
  • Waffles the pig
  • womb-sounds bear
  • Little People racetrack
  • pots, pans, and other cooking utensils

Jimmy is fearless and highly inquisitive. He points to just about everything and asks “what’s that? (uh da?!)” His eye is especially attracted to artwork and photographs. He has a winning smile with fantastic dimples that absolutely lights up the room. He makes friends with strangers while we are shopping and plays peek-a-boo with people at restaurants. He loves to make people laugh. To get someone’s attention, he will wildly smile in their general direction until they notice him. He typically only lets mom, dad, Kayla, and sometimes his brothers hold him (in that order of preference), unless they are unavailable. He is learning animal noises. He is very purposeful in choosing books and will request to read the same book several times in a row, especially Hush!. When he is sleepy, he rubs mama’s ear and sings while he rests his head on my shoulder. He does not like sleeping under covers and will fight his way out quickly.

Jimmy’s eyes are a fascinating mix of blue, brown, and green. His right eye is noticeably bluer than his left. He just got his first freckle on his left bicep. He looks very much like his Poppy, especially while he is sleeping.



I am trying to sort out the driving purpose of this blog. Most pressingly, I’d like to keep a record of watching Jimmy grow. I can already feel my memories of his first months fading. When did he first smile? First laugh? First grip my face and pull his little mouth to it, gumming my cheek wildly, in what I like to believe is his attempt at a kiss? And how did it feel to witness such everyday miracles?

But there must be a higher purpose to choosing this medium, a public blog. I am no expert. I don’t have any innovative advice to offer, nor do I hold a perspective or voice vastly different than all the other moms out there blogging their hearts out about their kids.

I am working through this in my mind and so my posts may show some experimentation in the coming weeks. Why would anyone care what I have to say? Who is reading, and what are they seeking when they stop for a moment to peruse my blog? Am I delivering? How does what I write here contribute to the common portrait of the 21st century American mother?

Jimmy Conquers the Matrix

Last night for the first time, due to a complicated array of circumstances that rendered our Jeep Commander unavailable, I had to fit three passengers — my 6’1″ husband, my 14-year-old son who already wears size 12 shoes, and James in his Cadillac of a car seat — into my adorable and trusty Toyota Matrix. This arrangement rendered the Matrix into something of a clown car.

With Jimmy’s car seat installed behind the front passenger seat, any front-seat Matrix passenger must contort into a position ridiculously close to the dashboard. My husband folded himself into something of a fortune cookie, knees to his chest, as Junior filled up the portion of the back seat that wasn’t occupied by James and the giant car seat. I could feel the lanky teenage legs pressed up against the back of my seat as I drove. Quite literally, I had to put my purse in the trunk because there was no room for it in the front of the car. 

We only had to drive a few miles this way, but the experience further reinforced the fact that a minivan is in our near future, although we have written off the Scottish Routan salesman. After several e-mail exchanges, it is clear that he is either blatantly ignoring my requests or that he simply can’t read.

So even if we could get a decent deal out of him on the version of the Routan I want (which has been an experience akin to teaching my dog to talk), my husband and I agree that we don’t want our money to support his anti-American, misogynistic, possibly illiterate self anyhow. We may still end up with a Routan, but we won’t be buying it from that guy.