I am trying to sort out the driving purpose of this blog. Most pressingly, I’d like to keep a record of watching Jimmy grow. I can already feel my memories of his first months fading. When did he first smile? First laugh? First grip my face and pull his little mouth to it, gumming my cheek wildly, in what I like to believe is his attempt at a kiss? And how did it feel to witness such everyday miracles?

But there must be a higher purpose to choosing this medium, a public blog. I am no expert. I don’t have any innovative advice to offer, nor do I hold a perspective or voice vastly different than all the other moms out there blogging their hearts out about their kids.

I am working through this in my mind and so my posts may show some experimentation in the coming weeks. Why would anyone care what I have to say? Who is reading, and what are they seeking when they stop for a moment to peruse my blog? Am I delivering? How does what I write here contribute to the common portrait of the 21st century American mother?


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  1. I was just thinking today about how much I appreciate your stories and observations, and what I decided I particularly like is the combination of mom and analytic thinker. I know you to be one who quietly observes and thinks really smart thoughts, so it’s nice to hear that perspective on mothering. I can analyze anything you put before me, and I know you are the same, so it’s interesting for me to see your mind at work on the whole mom thing. Plus I just love hearing about you and him because you’re my friend.

    I haven’t really read the other blogs out there, so this is not an informed opinion, but I suspect that you do have a different perspective to offer. Please share it. (Says one quiet girl to an even quieter one)

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